Rowing on a raft down a stream or a river between splashes and lots of fun: this is rafting. In Veneto, rafting fans can practise this sport in the Adige and Brenta rivers in total safety, thanks to the many local rafting associations.

In the Vicentine town of Valstagna, along the river Brenta, there are plenty of different rafting opportunities. We begin with the simplest routes that cater to families, like easy rafting, up to the most demanding routes, like the adventure or extreme, where in addition to the breathtaking descents, rafters can enjoy dives into the water and climb their way back on rocks and streams.

Moving to Verona, the Adige river offers the chance of relaxing excursions. The calm water stream offers an experience for those who simply want to admire the city of Romeo and Juliet from a different perspective, passing under the many bridges. Near the city, in the Adige park, the local associations organise itineraries that combine hiking and whitewater rafting to discover the picturesque river environment.  Rafting trips are also organised in the province of Verona. From the small town of Dolcè, you can embark on a path in an environment surrounded by greenery, where the river bends in numerous curves through imposing cliffs.