Foto Strada del Vino Prosecco
The Prosecco Conegliano and Valdobbiadene Wine Road
Route details Departure pointConegliano Arrival pointValdobbiadene

The northern Treviso area enchants us with its hills with dense rows of vines, the impressive castles and lovely parish churches. The Prosecco Road crosses the hilly strip at the foot of the Treviso pre-alps. For more than 100 years Prosecco has reigned, that unique sparkling wine for its pleasant and easy to drink nature.

The Road begins in Conegliano, with its beautiful architecture and amazing and well-conserved frescoes on the house façades. The castle should be visited, which is reached by foot along a fascinating cobbled road, where there is a lovely view of the surrounding vineyards.

Shortly after we reach San Pietro di Feletto, with its Romanic church, which contains some precious frescoes. The Road then goes to Refrontolo, where not only Prosecco but also Marzemino grapes are cultivated, which produce a passito wine, which was praised and loved by Mozart. You must take the walk to Molinetto della Croda, an ancient mill that is still working and is powered by the waters from the Lierza River.

After we visit Pieve di Soligo with its Venetian style historic centre, and Solighetto with the 18th century Villa Brandolini d'Adda, now seat of the Prosecco Protection Association. Finally Valdobbiadene, where every year the National Spumante Exhibition is held in the majestic Villa dei Cedri, an important showcase of the best Spumante wine in Italy.

Molinetto della Croda

Ancient seventeenth century working mill, located in Refrontolo. A characteristic example of rural architecture, whose foundations rest on bare rock. This place, which has always inspired artists and enchanted visitors, is a collective cultural heritage and is a place for exhibitions and cultural events.

A typical product of the area is the Marrone di Combai PGI - The period of transition from summer to autumn is marked by the fragrant smell of roasted chestnuts that spreads through the air and encourages us to taste them - hot and well cooked - accompanied with a glass of new Prosecco or Verdiso wine.