The birthplace of Antonio Canova, the greatest neoclassical sculptor

At the feet of Monte Grappa, Possagno is dominated by the white mass of the Neoclassical Temple, designed by Antonio Canova, the famous artist born in this city in 1757.
The solemnity of the Doric columns and the elegance of the central body, inspired by the Pantheon, form a structure of timeless beauty. The high apse of the basilica remind us that this is a Christian building dedicated to the Trinity.
Masterpieces by Canovacan be admired in this building: the bronze Pietà, the marble portrait, the plaster Metope, the large altarpiece of the main altar and the Tomb.

Visit the Gallery of Plaster Casts to get to know the figure of the great artist, his works and the method of work. The gallery houses the plasters that Canova used as a model for his marble sculptures. Under the wide barrel vault there is a succession of shapes from the most famous works, for a vision of great beauty visit the apse in which there is a magnificent model of Hercules and Lica.

The Scarpa wing designed by the famous Venetian architect, Carlo Scarpa, in 1957, is particularly appreciated by the tourists. It holds a collection of terracotta drafts belonging to Canova and his "first" works, which are admired by his critics and audience.

The house of Canova can also be seen at Possagno, in which there is an exhibition of his collections: paintings, etchings, drawings, marble statutes as well as some of the artist's tools and clothes.

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