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Fishermen, lace and beautiful beaches

Little clusters of coloured houses which look out onto the lagoon, labyrinths of multi-coloured low-rise homes, carefully tended kitchen gardens and wild beaches: these are the ingredients which make up Pellestrina, a long and narrow island, a true jewel closed between the port of Chioggia and the Lido of Venice.

Pellestrina's history starts in the Early Middle Ages, but it is only during the 14th century that families from Venice and from the mainland start to come together here and devote themselves, above all, to activities related to the sea.

Pellestrina was born as an island of fishermen and has kept its history and traditions intact. The marine character of San Pietro in Volta, the oldest of all the villages on this corner of the lagoon, is overwhelmingly genuine and popular. On the short promenade, the houses are turned towards the water, ready to welcome any visitors with a row of façades in vivid colours.

In Pellestrina, the sea can also be smelt at the dinner table. Sardines, anchovies, clams and cuttlefish enrich the local cuisine, which has strong ties to seafood.

The best way to explore the island is by bike. Ferries conveniently leave from Chioggia and from the Lido and after a few minutes' journey reach the island's villages. From here you can set out to discover Pellestrina, which stretches over 10 km in length. Looking south you can admire the murazzo, the ancient defence wall which, connecting to another murazzo, will take you to the nature reserve of Ca' Roman.

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