Foto di Franco Voglino
Path of Meditation

Foto di Franco Voglino
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The highest beech forest in Europe: "I Faièr", as the inhabitants of Sottoguda call it, is centuries-old and its altitude makes it unique. Come and discover it, walk among the dense trees and enjoy a detox holiday.

The Path of Meditation is a thematic loop itinerary that crosses the green meadows and centuries-old beech forest of Sottoguda, a hamlet of Rocca Pietore in the province of Belluno. Along this easy route, which is also suitable for children, you will find a series of wooden signposts with engraved maxims that invite reflection. And this is what we recommend: stop, breathe the pure mountain air, welcome the panoramic view that surrounds you, and enjoy the therapeutic effects of an immersion in nature.

The departure is from Pont de la Ceva, in the centre of the village, with the sign "Choose the uphill road, it will lead you to happiness"; in fact, you will indeed climb steeply but don’t worry, it will not take too much effort: quite the opposite. You will see that being in contact with nature will bring a lot of benefits to the circulatory system, to your mood and psyche, and will help you to free yourself from mundane everyday reality, recharging your energy.


Technical data:
Difficulty: easy, suitable for everyone.
Length: just over 2 kilometres.
Duration: 1 hour.
Elevation gain: 150 m.

The geographical centre of the Dolomites: it was recognised as such in 2017 by UNESCO and is marked by a wooden totem that encloses a stone heart. The totem is located in Valle Ombretta, not far from Sottoguda, and features the cardinal points and geographical coordinates.