Park of the Po Delta

A world born from the endless struggle between sea, river and land

The Po Delta, in the province of Rovigo, is one of the most striking natural oasis of Italy, and the largest European wetland. The "sweet giant", as the Po river is known, fans upward, branching into seven waterways and giving life to a unique natural environment before pouring into the Adriatic. The most wild waterway, the Po di Maistra, offers an occasion to visit the splendid oasis of the flood area of Cà Pisani. Charming landscapes are found along the branch of Venice, the main branch constituted by river basins, lagoons, sandy islets and large reed patches.

Navigating along the Po di Goro you will re-live the thousand-year old history of land reclamation, while the Sacca di Scardovari, an area where delectable mussels and clams are cultivated, is located at the mouth of Po di Tolle, where the river meets the sea. Each branch of the river offers a different landscape, characterized at dawn by a faint mist covering, producing a muffled atmosphere, and at dusk by the reddish reflections of the sun. A bird sanctuary numbering over 370 species of residing, passing and migrating birds makes of this area a favored destination for lovers of birdwatching.

There are many ways to enjoy the Park: strolls, horse riding or boating and bicycle excursions. Numerous museums and visitors' centers have been established for tourists, amongst which we can note the large Ca' Vendramin draining pump, now called the Land Reclamation Museum and the Coastal Botanical Gardens in Rosolina, which have been declared a Site of European Significance (S.I.C.).

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