The Montello and Asolo hills wine trail
Route details Departure pointPossagno Arrival pointMontebelluna

The trail starts in Possagno (Province of Treviso), where it is recommended you visit the neoclassical temple, the renowned sculptor Antonio Canova's ‘Gipsoteca', as well as his birthplace. 

It continues towards Asolo in the direction of Castelcucco surrounded by hills, vineyards, fields and woods. As well as strolling through the old town centre, you can visit the Civic Museum which has sections dedicated to famous people from Asolo: Queen Cornaro, Eleonora Duse, Freya Stark, Robert Browning.

From Asolo the route leads you to Maser where a visit to Villa Barbaro, the Palladian masterpiece completed in 1557 and symbol of the Venetian Renaissance, is absolutely essential. Architectural attractions can also be found in Cornuda with the elegant aristocratic residences of Villa Bolzonello, Villa Viviani, Villa Bettis and the Munari and De Faveri-Tron palaces. As the route approaches the Piave River you reach the memorial sites for the tragic events of World War I such as ‘Cippo degli Arditi' in Crocetta del Montello. 

The route continues in the direction of Montebelluna which is the world's leading producer of sports shoes and a cycle-friendly town. A visit to the Villa Biagi Natural History and Archaelogy Museum is well worth it and nature lovers can continue to explore by walking the ‘Stradon del Bosco', a path which skirts the Montello hills.

Between March and April, the Maser hills turn white with the wispy cherry blossoms. Already at the end of May, the flavourful “roana” or the tasty “sandra” triumph on the market, showcased at the now traditional Regional Cherry Exhibition, which takes place in the majestic setting of Villa Barbaro. The cherry season is short, of course. But the colour and the scent of those of Maser are very difficult to forget.

The city of Asolo, called “of one hundred horizons”, rests its foundations on ancient Roman settlements and grew during the medieval period around a defensive fortress. In addition to the walk in the historic town centre, tourists can visit the Civic Museum which houses a well-kept archaeological section and a rich art gallery, with sections dedicated to Asolo characters: Queen Cornaro, Eleonora Duse, Freya Stark, Robert Browning.