Montegrotto Terme

Waters that give the gift of wellness spring forth at the foot of the Euganean Hills

Together with Abano, Montegrotto Terme is a main town of the Euganean Spas and is a preferred destination for tourists from all over Europe.

In pre-Roman times there was an ancient sanctuary lake where Aponus, the god of springs, was venerated shrine Aponus. Later, in Roman times the oracle of Geryon was consulted. Today Montegrotto Terme is a quiet little town with famous thermal waters and in addition to relaxation and aesthetic treatments it offers a wide range of things to do.

The main street of the city is Viale Stazione, overlooked by local and elegant shops that invite you to shop.

In the archaeological area You can see the architecture of the old baths, the pipelines of the spring water, in addition to the remains of an aqueduct and a small theatre.

A short distance away tourists are charmed by the flapping of thousands of colourful wings of butterflies that freely fly in the Butterfly Arc- The Butterfly house, and it's exterior Fairy Woods.

Against the hilly and varied background stands Villa Draghi, a unique example of multi-style architecture, not far from The International Museum of Artistic Glass and Hot Springs that exhibits more than five hundred works of art.

For the fans of mineralogy and palaeontology there is the P.G. Omesti Museum that has an interesting collection of minerals and rocks.

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