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Film review that presents the most exciting and urgent documentaries on current events, human rights and information, selected by the major festivals and offered exclusively for Italy in the original language with subtitles.

Six new shocking films will be proposed that tell the complexity of our time through exemplary stories and without filters.


Monday 16th January The Case (Russia, 2021) Language: Russian with Italian subtitles

Monday 23rd January H2: Occupation Lab (Israel, 2022) Language: Hebrew, Arabic and English with Italian subtitles

Monday 30th January Robin Bank (Spain/Germany, 2022) Language: Catalan with Italian subtitles

Monday 6th February The Children in the Pictures (Australia, 2021) Language: English with Italian subtitles

Monday 13th February This Stolen Country of Mine (Germany/Ecuador, 2022) Language: Spanish with Italian subtitles  

Monday 20th February Rebellion (UK, 2021) Language: English with Italian subtitles

Source: IAT Verona