The G. Lorenzoni Botanical Gardens

Route details Recommended period Spring, Summer, Autumn Phone+39 0438 581 757
To be travelled on foot

The G. Lorenzoni Alpine Botanical Gardens are in a central position with respect to the Cansiglio plateau. On a calcareous area of approximately 3 ha, the Garden accommodates the flora and vegetation of the Cansiglio-Col Nudo-Cavallo massif, a complex of diverse environments, meadows, humid places, rocks and woodland. This extensive area surrounding the garden is highly complex and therefore potentially suitable for accommodating diverse habitats.

Considerable effort and attention has been dedicated to building an Alpine Pond or "lama", an important and characteristic humid biotope of the Cansiglio, to foster water species, both animal and plant, some of which have become rare and nearly extinct elsewhere.
The morphology seems to indicate karst, because one can see the effects of erosion: in this regard you will want to see a small karstic well considered a "snow well" because the snow stays inside it nearly all year long, creating a peculiar microclimate.

The Alpine Botanical Garden is a must for visitors of the Cansiglio, because direct contact with many different natural environments is indispensable to learn about our diversified ecological heritage.

Much effort and care have been devoted to the creation of an alpine pond or "lama", a characteristic and important wet biotope of Cansiglio, to provide a home to both animal and plant aquatic species, some of which are now rare or almost extinct elsewhere.