Foto di Franco Voglino
Loop route in Val Barance

Foto di Franco Voglino
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Colcever: there are two inhabitants of this corner of paradise, located at 1,221 metres above sea level and with an incredible all-round view.

In the heart of the Val di Zoldo, in the province of Belluno, an easy route of just over 6 kilometres winds through dense centuries-old woods and leads you to the fairytale Lake al Vach and its evocative waterfall. A perfect itinerary for "forest bathing".

Leave the car at the parking lot of Pralongo (Forno di Zoldo), take the dirt road that leads to the "Casera del Pian" (trail sign no. 524) and start breathing in fresh air that smells of spruce as you listen to the wind whispering between hornbeams, alders and tall beeches. Once at the farmhouse, you will see the signs for the lake; take the forest road on the right for a more relaxing route. Stop often along the way and look up to admire the beauty of the Tamer - San Sebastiano Dolomite range; close your eyes and let yourself be lulled by the murmur of the Malisia brook. Relax, you're in Val Barance.

The path skirts the brook for a while, crossing a more open clearing and reaching the small Lake of Vach. Here you will find tables and benches for an outdoor picnic, where you can enjoy the boundless nature. Just a few more steps and you arrive at the foot of the evocative waterfall that feeds the lake.

On your return, you can retrace your steps or take path no. 158 for a one-hour loop route that reaches the tiny town of Colcever and finally returns to Pralongo.


Technical data:
Length: just over 6 kilometres.
Level of difficulty: easy.
Duration: approx. 3 hours.
Elevation gain: 381 m.

From 1500 onward, the Zoldo area was an important centre for ironworking and production of nails and other artifacts that were exported to Venice. In Pralongo, you will find a very rare "fusinèla" (the dialect term for forge), testifying to this ancient craft.