Venice's Lido

The beach that hosted noblemen and monarchs from all over Europe

The numerous huts that characterize the lido of this island, between the Venetian Lagoon and the Adriatic Sea, have hosted royalty, artists, and celebrities. Today, anyone can enjoy a peaceful stay on this island that in September hoots the International Film Festival. This island has been recently awarded with the prestigious Blue flag thanks to the quality of its water.

The fame of the gold beach that extends for twelve kilometres is deeply rooted in the decades of the Belle Epoque. During the Belle Epoque the island became a vacation spot for European nobles and royalty, actors and actresses, and magnates from the financial and industrial world. A fascinating history that manifests itself through beautiful and sumptuous Art Nouveau villas and the luxury hotels of Excelsior and Des Bains. In the last century, these hotels were a meeting place for the international jet set.

Lido also reserves other surprises like the ancient monastery of San Nicolò, the monumental and historical centre of the island and the hamlet of Malamocco, a small Venice with streets, squares and houses that lean on each other. This place is also filled with the wonder of landscapes, including the WWF protected oasis of the dunes of Alberoni and of course the Lagoon with its stunning scenery.

Summer holidays on the island of Lido also means sports and fun, with its numerous facilities dedicated to a number of sports including the famous golf course at Alberoni, one of the most beautiful and oldest in Italy.

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Where: Lungomare d'Annunzio / Piazzale Ravà / Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi - 30126 Venice Lido (Province of Venice)


The Venice Lido is a long, thin island located between the Venice Lagoon and the Adriatic Sea.

This golden beach, which stretches for 12 kilometres, boasts a fascinating past, particularly during the Belle Epoque. Indeed, following the establishment of the first sea bathing facilities, the island became a holiday destination for nobles and rulers from all over Europe, actors, global industrial and financial tycoons, creating the iconic resort it remains today.

Amongst other things, the Venice Lido has hosted the International Film Festival since 1932.

Other pearls of the Venice Lido include the ancient Monastery of San Nicolò, the village of Malamocco that is reminiscent of a little Venice and the Alberoni Dunes with fauna protected by the WWF.

The stretches of beach managed by Venezia Spiagge recognised by the "Veneto Beach Social and Inclusive Tourism" include: Lungomare d'Annunzio, San Nicolò and Blue Moon.

They offer a wide range of facilities for an enjoyable seaside holiday, such as information services and expert tourist assistance, areas free from architectural barriers, catering and entertainment for everyone.

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