Park of Lessinia

A territory that knows how to evoke unforgettable emotions

The Regional Natural Park of Lessinia stretches across ten thousand hectares of the Lessini Mountains plateau, behind Verona. The charm of this park originates from its ethnic and paleontological heritage, which renders it an open air museum. Karstic phenomena, unique within Europe, are found amongst the colorful woods of hornbeams, beeches, red firs and green pastures: the cyclopic Veja Bridge, the Spluga della Preta and one of the most famous gorges of the world, the Covolo di Camposilvano, as well as the 'rock cities' of the Valley of the Sphinxes.

Numerable dolines and caves offer visitors breathtaking views, framed by an extraordinary variety of fauna and vegetation, to which the Malga Derocon Environmental Education Center is dedicated. Bolca and its most well known site, the Pessàra, are famous for their fish and plant fossils dating to the Tertiary era, unique for their variety and degree of preservation, which can be admired in the Fossil Museum.

The natural heritage of the Lessini Mountains is enriched by the historical and cultural heritage left behind by the Cimbri, an ancient people of German origin. Their dialect, called taucias gareida, is still spoken in small areas of the territory. There are many ways to discover these magic valleys: in the summer the Park is a paradise for trekkers and hikers. In the winter time cross country skiers can travel along the Translessinia route, which stretches for about twenty kilometers through a unique landscape. To learn about the natural, paleontological and ethnographic peculiarities of these valleys, nine museums are available, providing an integrated didactic system for schools and families.

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