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A great variety of environments that offers emotions

The Lessinia landscapes offer a great variety of environments - from those typical of the Po valley to the Alpine ones that fade gradually. Further up the landscape becomes of stone, rocks of sedimentary origin and volcanic, an enormous geological, prehistoric and ethnographic heritage.


Superstitions and legends recount how Lessinia is a land of fairies, witches and, so the saying goes, even of evil beings. But a holiday in these places means above all a journey into nature and history. Just think that over 50 million years ago the sea was here: warm, rich in flora and fauna, a shallow lagoon and even a coral reef. Time has given us back an immense heritage of fossils unique in the world and to visit the most important deposits you must go to Bolca, a small village in Val d'Alpone.  You must visit the magnificent natural bridge of Veja, “a stone giant” of exceptional size, which is nothing other than the architrave of the entrance of an ancient karst cave.


Charming even in winter, the few slopes of this ski area guarantee skiing in any condition. The cross country loops in the upper Lessinia are well beaten and above all are immersed in an enchanting nature. Snowboarding, tobogganing and itineraries for snowshoes complement the winter offer.

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