The Garda thermal park is a natural spa of 13 hectares nestled among rare plants and trees where there are 2 thermal lakes, baths at different temperatures, hydro-massage and fountains.

In the main lake the temperature of the spa water is maintained around 33-34°C.

In the small lake, on the other hand, the temperature is around 30°C.

Inside the lakes there are whirlpool baths with spa water that reaches 37°-39°C.

The spa mineral water used is bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium with a significant amount of silicon. It is an alkaline water with a ph of about 7.8 and has anti-inflammatory effects.

The old stables have been transformed into a wellness centre of 1,000 sq. m. that offer Turkish baths, Himalaya salt rooms, baths with spa water, internal saunas and in the garden, massages and treatments.

There is also a sports and rehabilitation centre with thermal swimming pool, gym for fitness, physiotherapy and motor recovery.

The park is open all year round.

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