Jacopo Bassano (Jacopo da Ponte) - The Adoration of the Kings -

Jacopo Bassano

Jacopo Da Ponte, known as Bassano, is recognised as one of the main and most incisive interpreters of Venetian painting from the second half of the 16th century, who was able to achieve a space marked by strong originality alongside other great artists of his time, developing a strong artistic experimentalism, and showing a strong emotional bond with his homeland in his works. Moving from the naturalism of his early days, Bassano soon abandoned the representation of reality, to draw inspiration from the new styles of central Italian painting, and arrive at a style characterised by the protagonism of light, of which all expressive possibilities are explored.

Jacopo's hometown, home of his workshop, which was kept active and flourishing after him by his sons and descendants for over a century, is the backdrop for many of his paintings, often completed by the silhouette of Mount Grappa; Bassano has paid tribute to the artist, presenting the largest permanent collection of works in an exceptional exhibition.

However, an itinerary to discover Jacopo Bassano's art can take you to different places in the Veneto region, from the Musei Civici in Vicenza to the churches of Enego and Santa Caterina in Lusiana, on the Asiago plateau; there is also the possibility of going as far as Quero, in the Belluno area, or to Cittadella, in the Padua area, and finally to Venice, where splendid masterpieces by the Maestro are kept in the Gallerie dell'Accademia and in the Palazzo Ducale.