Winter wonderland

Your holidays on the snow

In winter, the Veneto mountain range is the ideal destination for those who are looking for breathtaking nature, and want a lot of fun and relaxation on the snow. 

You will be faced by the unique and precious scenery of the Dolomites, peaks consecrated by UNESCO in 2009 as a World Heritage Site. And then there are the silences of snow-covered landscapes, pure air, fairytale views and perfect snowy slopes at all times. As well as skiing, you can do many other outdoor activities! You can wear snowshoes to trek through the snowy woods, drive a sled pulled by husky dogs, ride a fat bike, try ski mountaineering and free ride skiing, descend the mountain with sleds and snowboards and finally, climb up the icy slopes. 

If you want to relax in front of a delicious dish, take a break at one of the many refuges, restaurants and chalets for a taste of our numerous culinary proposals. 

Ski area