Exciting views - hilly landscape

Hills and Vales

The hillsides are the heart of the Veneto Region. An area characterised by enchanting landscapes, beautiful historic villages and famous Venetian Villas, testimonies to the love that Lords and Ladies of the past had for this territory, opting to relax and enjoy the country life here. Choosing to spend a holiday in the heart of Veneto will reward you with unique experiences.
  • Colli Berici The ideal destination for a holiday full of food and relaxation
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  • Valpolicella A unique, rich and generous land
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  • Terre di Asolo e Montegrappa A wealth of history and memories to be discover at an easy pace
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  • Soave A charming destination in terms of history, nature and food
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  • Pedemontana Vicentina Magical countryside, but also ancient villages and Venetian villas
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  • Colline del Prosecco It is easy to fall in love with these romantic and charming landscapes
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  • Colli Euganei A journey to fill your heart with joy
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