Taste! Italians at the dining table Taste! Italians at the dining table. 1970-2050 first of a trilogy of exhibitions at M9.
Event details Exhibitions From 25 March 2022 To 25 September 2022 (only Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Venezia Website Ask for info (0039)041 2387230

Taste! Italians at the dining table.

1970-2050 is the first in a trilogy of exhibitions that M9 - Museo del ’900 dedicates to typical Italian cliches, for a comparison between the past, present and future, using scientific research, popular culture experience, play and critical investigation.

The exhibition will show how the relationship between Italians and food has profoundly changed in recent decades, with a decisive paradigm shift between the traditional image of national cuisine and an increasingly complex, segmented and contradictory relationship of a country that is transforming in its habits, consumption and social composition.

At the centre of the reflection is the word "taste", which best represents the relationship between the individual and society; that inseparable combination of individual pleasure and collective sharing, nutritional mechanisms and cultural phenomena, capable of representing the complexity of food-related issues.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a calendar of workshops, show cooking, conferences, meetings and initiatives that will involve the public, with the contribution of chefs, scientists and artists.

Source: Iat Venezia