Residential island with unaltered charm

The island of Giudecca is the largest of the Venetian islands and according to some owes its name to the ancient presence of a Jewish community. Others, however, believe that the name comes from ‘zudegà' ("judged") which refers back to a judgment passed in the 9th century which granted land to some families first exiled and then called back to Venice.

 In the distant past, this island was strongly integrated with Venice. In the more recent past it gradually cut these ties and in the present it has undergone a complete redevelopment which has taken it back to its original beauty. The Giudecca, separated from Piazza San Marco by a canal with the same name, has experienced stratifications and changes which are reflected today in the many different people who live in this corner of the lagoon.

 The Giudecca island, the long side of which looks onto the Dorsoduro district, is home to major masterpieces. From the Chiesa del Redentore, built on a design by Palladio, to the Zitelle complex, which was an asylum for female orphans. And then there is the Chiesetta di Santa Eufemia, built in the 7th century, the Casa dei Tre Oci, neo-gothic palace and reception venue for numerous events and exhibitions, and the impressive Mulino Stucky, a marvellous example of industrial archaeology which has now been converted into a hotel and conference centre.

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