Giorgione, La Tempesta (particolare). Venezia, Gallerie dell'Accademia.


A veil of mystery still covers Zorzi of Castelfranco, or Giorgione, a key figure in the Renaissance art and a real turning-point in the history of Venetian painting.

Five hundred years after his death there are still very few biographical notes and we are still unsure of the authenticity of some works and the meanings of what are considered the artist's masterpieces, expressions of a limited and sophisticated intellectual environment . 

It is difficult, and often simplistic perhaps, to find clues to interpret the subjects of paintings such as The Tempest or The Three Philosophers. Throughout the centuries, and particularly in recent times, there have been numerous and ever-changing attempts to explain the works of this artist.

The charm of these paintings has gone unspoiled and thanks to the loans of important museums from all over Europe, the painter's works will be staged in a wonderful exhibition at the House of Giorgione at Castelfranco in 2010.

Above all other aspects, nature is always present or is the focal point of the paintings. The nature is made up of colour that uses infinite gradations of tones and a wise use of shades.