A corner of paradise caressed by the waters of the lake

Elegant Venetian-style buildings and some of the most extensive beaches of the Riviera of Olives makes Garda a charming resort area.

The Gulf is closed to the north by Mount Luppia, that dips into the lake and forms the enchanting Punta San Vigilio and to the south by the Rocca hill, which can be reached by taking an arduous path that is characterized by the flora of the Mediterranean.
In medieval times, the Castle of Garda stood on the Rocca, this was a very important castle, so much so that the ancient Latin name of the lake "Benacus" was changed to Lake Garda.

An easy path of about three kilometres leads to the romantic cliff of Punta San Vigilio, an oasis of peace and poetry that has inspired prestigious guests.
The alleys in the center of Garda, once inhabited by fishermen, now house elegant shops and cosy restaurants that prepare fresh water fish, the main ingredient of the local cuisine. The many hotels, residential hotels and a modern congress building make this a popular resort for tourists.

This area offers many different activities that can make for an animated holiday, including sports, walks and interesting cultural activities. Even the traditional festivals affirm the deep ties that this area has with fishing. The "Palio delle Contrade" is a picturesque regatta of traditional rowing boats held in Mid-August, while the Sardellata al Pal del Vò, held in July, is an evening of fishing for sardines followed by a dinner on a boat in the middle of the lake.

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