Amongst the silence of timeless places

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Wear comfortable clothing and always carry a water bottle with you

Four paths to discover the Cavallino Treporti seashore

Four suggestions to penetrate the more hidden and intimate points of this outside of time oasis and to come deeply into contact with its unspoilt nature.

“Delle tre acque” path

Length 8.5 km  Duration approximately 1 hour   On asphalt, very easy

From the banks lapped by the north lagoon it is possible to reach the mouth of the river Sile and the charming district of Faro Piave Vecchia. Along this stretch you can visit the “Conche di Cavallino”, typical “fishnet” on the Sile and the Cavallino Lighthouse.

“Delle verdure” path

Length 32.3 km     Duration about 4 hours     On asphalt and gravel, easy

An easy route to understand the double soul of the Cavallino-Treporti peninsula: an enchanting area, where the lagoon and marine ecosystems coexist harmoniously and embrace the hinterland with its gardens, greenhouses and fields.

“Dei forti” path

Length 18 km   Duration about 2 hours  On asphalt, very easy

A path to discover the coastal fortification systems that were built to defend Venice during the Austrian domination, first, and then in the two world wars. A beautiful walk in the countryside, armed with a spirit of adventure and with a good deal of curiosity, will lead you to the discovery of the Amalfi, Vettor Pisani and San Marco Batteries, the Treporti Fort and Mandracio and Ca’ Pasquali barracks.

“Del tramonto” path

Length 23.5 km     Duration about 2 hours    On asphalt, very easy

A route that takes in the oldest coastal towns, such as Treporti, Le Mesole and Lio Piccolo. We recommend taking this route toward evening, to admire the intense sunsets on the Venice lagoon.

Telemetry towers

Easy to notice them along the way. These towers were stations from which the lookouts sighted enemy soldiers, calculating the distance and transmitting all the data to the batteries spread over the area.