Recreational fishing tourism

Share your day with a fisherman: accompany him during his daily fishing, listen to him illustrating gestures repeated throughout a lifetime, daydream in front of views that you can only appreciate from the water.

Fishing tourism is one of the ways to explore the area in a conscious way, appreciating the environment and spreading the seafaring traditions. This is a recreational tourist activity which provides excursions on board fishing vessels to be done along the coasts, lagoons, the lakes and rivers, and that allows the tourist to get closer to the world of professional fishing. It can be done all year round, also during the holidays, the important thing being favourable sea weather conditions.

The best places in Veneto for fishing tourism are the Po Delta and the Venetian lagoon: here it is possible to board with qualified operators, recognize the local fish species and, in some cases, enjoy freshly caught fish after it has been carefully cooked on board. Going out on the open sea with the help of people who do so every day is an exciting experience - also suitable for children - and extremely evocative at night; the company of fishermen reveals the mysteries of the sea and allows the tourist to experience a hard and centuries-old activity such as fishing.

www.pescasportivainveneto.it is the new site dedicated to all lovers of sport fishing, usable also via tablets and smartphones. Thanks to the interactive map and short video clips you can find out all the points of excellence for sport fishing in Veneto. By selecting the province of interest and the type of water (free or in concession), you can discover all the offers throughout the area and better programme your own day of fishing.

Moreover, the system to purchase the fishing license online is active.