5 unmissable experiences

Fall in Veneto

Admire the foliage

Veneto offers many places where visitors may admire foliage, the most extraordinary spectacle of fall when the woods become a vibrant mosaic of colors ranging from gold to rusty red. One of the most beautiful places to admire autumn colours is Cansiglio with its forests of beech and fir trees some of which are hundreds of years old, on an area of 7,000 hectares, making it the second biggest forest in Italy. Did you know that when the Cansiglio was under the rule of the Republic of the Serenissima, it was called the “Oars Wood”? The oars of Venetian galleys were in fact made with the timber of its beech trees and this was so important for Venice that in 1548 the Council of Ten appointed the first so-called captain of the forest, with powers “over timber and forests”.

The taste of fall on the table

Fall is the season of mushrooms, chestnuts, radicchio, as well as apples, walnuts, pumpkin, oil and wine. A riot of flavours, aromas and colours that you will find hard to resist.  The Chestnuts of Combai and Monfenera and those of San Zeno, the radicchio of Treviso and Castelfranco, Verona and Chioggia, the extra virgin olive oil produced on the shores of Lake Garda and the hills of Vicenza, Padua and Treviso, all come from our Land. Then there are also the wines and cellars that during the fall open their doors, so that visitors may taste the excellence of their wines. Follow one of the 10 Wine Routes and discover the traditions and secrets of wine producing.

The Place of Mario Rigoni Stern

The Asiago Plateau is a hospitable land that appeals to everyone, and fall is the perfect season to discover these places in Vicenza province, at the time of the year when forests once again become silent. The hiking routes on the plateau cover over almost 500 kilometers of paths that in winter become slopes for cross-country skiing; if you want to enjoy the beauty of its fall colours however we suggest that you go on the tour known as the "Places of Mario Rigoni Stern”, to discover the mountains, traditions, history and culture of this town which is the birthplace of the writer.

The desire for wellness

Do the shorter colder days make you long for a day of pure indulgence with a deeply satisfying massage? Treat yourself to an authentic wellness experience at the Euganean Baths, Europe's first preventative healthcare spa, a place to give yourself a new lease on life and enjoy a very special holiday. Modern facilities, highly specialised staff and a wide range of therapeutic and beauty treatments are waiting for you.  After a day of complete relaxation, immerse yourself in the beauty of the Euganean territory, with its villas, castles, ancient hermitages and ancient villages.

Take a leisurely cycling tour

It’s not time to put your bike away yet, because fall in Veneto still has many beautiful sunny days in store. Choose a slow route, to cycle leisurely, even in several stages, such as the "Via del Mare" route and discover the beauties of the endless Venetian coast, from the Po Delta to Venice lagoon. The cycle path passes through many rural landscapes where you will experience many different emotions as you cycle through timeless places such as the Nature Park of the Po Delta, Chioggia, the islands of Pellestrina and the Venice waterfront.