Eye games A journey between art and science, where these two worlds have always intertwined
Event details Exhibitions From 24 September 2022 To 26 February 2023 Padova Website Ask for info +39 049 8234882
Illusion of movement, chromatic games, deceptive perspectives, distorting mirrors, optical effects... Like a rollercoaster, this exhibition (which combines painting, sculpture, photography, science and technology) will take you up and down, back and forth in time, between the Middle Ages and contemporary times, Picasso and the Lumière brothers, Kandinsky and Balla, Man Ray and Klee, and Boccioni and Duchamp, to discover the many fascinating gimmicks, artifices, tricks and games of prestige with which Man has managed to hoodwink others.

A kaleidoscopic journey midway between art and science, in the city of Padua where these two worlds have always intertwined: from Galileo to the school of psychology of perception and the birth of Group N, a Paduan artistic-cultural collective at the forefront of optical-kinetic art to which the monograph that concludes the exhibition is dedicated.

Am I in Padua or New York? The alienation, the hallucinations, the dizziness caused by many of the works on display, could lead the viewer to ask such a question when visiting this exhibition. Deliberately conceived within an international perspective, the exhibition in fact explores artistic visions and the many ways in which, from the Middle Ages to today, the sense of sight has been deceived, duped, and deluded.

Source: Iat Padova