Unmissable events

Major exhibitions

The season of major exhibitions in Veneto is back and the cultural programme offers really unmissable events spread throughout the region. Until next year, for example,Tutankhamun and Canova await your presence … Discover below the major events. Have a nice visit, everyone.

Tutankhamun – 100 years of mysteries
Hosted at Palazzo Zaguri in Venice until a date to be defined, the exhibition dedicated to Tutankhamun is literally a pharaonic event. This journey through time reveals his life, many anecdotes and even some unprecedented mysteries. It takes just over two hours to visit the exhibition space of 3,000 square metres (divided into 36 rooms on 5 floors) and admire more than 1,250 objects, faithfully reproduced in Egypt by a school of artisan restorers. For the first time ever it will be possible to enter, albeit virtually, also the four funeral chambers of the boy king. An audioguide and two virtual experiences are included in the ticket price.

Futurism: the birth of the avant-garde 

An exceptional exhibition at Palazzo Zabarella in Padua, which investigates in an unprecedented way the origins of the movement, focusing on the cultural and figurative premises, the roots, different individuals and themes that led to the birth and explosion of the movement. Until February 26, 2023, more than 100 works are on display, spanning a chronological arc that goes from 1910 (the year the movement was founded) to 1915. It comprises exceptional works, some of which have never been on display or are rarely exhibited, from galleries, museums and international collections.

I, Canova. European Genius

200 years after his death, the Civic Museums of Bassano del Grappa pay tribute to Antonio Canova, the greatest sculptor of the neoclassical era, with a large and original exhibition open until 26 February 2023. An exhibition that goes "beyond" the Canovian aesthetic universe and offers an unprecedented image that reveals the man, the collector, the diplomat, the protector of the arts. The exhibition is developed along three major themes: "Canova, man and artist", "Canova and Europe", and "Canova and History". The rich artistic and documentary heritage of Canova in Bassano is supported by important national and international loans.

Robert Capa. L’Opera 1932 – 1954

Top international photography returns to Palazzo Roverella of Rovigo until 29 January 2023, with an exhibition dedicated to Robert Capa, one of the founders of the Magnum Agency and creator of iconic images in the history of the twentieth century. The exhibition consists of 366 photographs that trace the main stages of his career and capture the facets of his personality. There are also reproductions of proofs and pages of Robert Capa's notebooks, the publications of his reports in the French and American press, and extracts from his books on photography.

Fire earth water. Industrial architecture in Renaissance Veneto

In 1500, an extraordinary industrial development transformed the countryside and hills of Veneto with highly efficient factories that were unequalled at that time. This industrial boom is presented through paintings, maps, drawings, objects and scale models in this exhibition held until March 12, 2023 in the Palladio Museum in Vicenza.  The past will be narrated but with an eye to the present and the future, a perspective that "speaks of the ancient alliance that in the Veneto of the Renaissance linked economy, art and culture: entrepreneurship prospered thanks to innovation, and asked Palladio to give it an architectural face, equally visionary and oriented to the future".