Park of the Euganei Hills

A green gem a few kilometres from Padua

In the province of Padova, the Park of the Euganei Hills is a unique environment where the presence of man has harmoniously entered into a natural context of great and prized beauty. Along the rolling slopes of the hills the star is nature, with its different varieties of flora and fauna. Oak and chestnut groves alternate with large areas of Mediterranean maquis, orderly vineyards, orchards and century-old olive groves.

The naturalistic value of the area is complemented by the abundant historical and artistic heritage present within the Park, represented by hamlets, castles, fortifications and religious buildings such as hermitages and convents.

Suffice it to mention, for example, Este, Monselice and Montagnana, with their medieval wall curtains; Arquà Petrarca, a fascinating ancient medieval hamlet; Luvigliano, Galzignano and Battaglia Terme with their splendid Veneto villas; the Abbey of Praglia and the Hermitage of Monte Rua.

The entire territory of the Hills offers visitors a myriad of paths immersed in nature, which you can enjoy with a stroll, by bike or by horseback. Golf lovers can enjoy three greens, and if your objective is relaxation, the Park provides the Euganee Thermal Baths, world-famous for the unique properties of the mud and treatments that can be enjoyed in the facilities of Abano, Montegrotto, Battaglia, Galzignano and Teolo.

The wholesome flavors of the typical produce will tempt all: suffice it to mention the thirteen varieties of DOC wines, honey, oil and the renowned Montagnana DOP ham. These delicacies can be enjoyed in the agritourisms of the area and at the food and wine expos which are scattered throughout the annual calendar of events.

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