Ma... diamoci del tu!
Event details Dance and theatre On 16 February 2023 Conegliano Website +390498644888
Enrico Brignano stops by the Zoppas Arena with his new show!

By now, calling each other 'lei' seems something archaic and formal, because 'tu' is now the norm. For example, when one receives advertising calls to discuss telephone rates, proposing investments in cryptocurrencies, such as the inheritance of 'pora nonna' they use the lei, perhaps to make it more complicated to be told off. Brignano himself points out how more and more people tend to call him 'lei' perhaps because of his age, and that for him it is as painful as a twinge of sciatica, which in turn is more irritating than when he gets up from the sofa exclaiming: 'hoplà'. When he talks to people, however, he wants to be on a first-name basis, he wants to take a certain confidence to tell them more intimately about the pitfalls of technology, the world, economic, health and ecological crises. But he would also have some comments to make about love and sex, social and personal relationships, the endless oddities of these times... and sometimes even complain. "But don't you Brignano know that complaining is typical of old people?"; "Of course I do. But you, dude... call me by my name!".

Enrico Brignano was born in Rome in the Dragona district, and is of Sicilian and Abruzzese origins, as well as Piedmontese as his surname suggests. He grew up at the Academy for young comedians created by Gigi Proietti. He is an actor and comedian with a long career between television and theatre.

Source: IAT Conegliano