Among orchards, lagoons and fishing valleys

The name “Rosolina” is fairly recent and two theories on its origin have been put forward.

The first maintains that the name derives from an estate of the family Rosolino on the right bank of the Adige, in the locality of Bassafonda. The second theory, the less likely, argues that the toponym leads  back to the epithet "roggia", in other words "small canal, ditch".

Rosolina is located in an area characterised by vegetable gardens and by the unique and unrepeatable environment of the immense Caleri lagoon and fish farms. Its origins are ancient as witnessed by the ancient via Popilia track and the presence of what remains of the dune system.

One of the most visited sites of Rosolina remains the Coastal Botanic Gardens located in Porto Caleri, that retains a unique environment of great scientific interest. It is visited on foot along the characteristic wooden footbridges and it is possible to observe the typical vegetation of the coastal-sea environment.

A dozen eco-systems are concentrated in its 24 hectares: from the pine forest to the coastal dune system and the wetland of brackish water, for a total of approximately 220 plant species. The existence of both inland stable dunes, no longer subject to the influence of the wind, and mobile dunes being formed, are interesting.

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