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The city that gave its name to the Adriatic Sea

A source of pride for the town is that of having given its name to the Adriatic Sea near which it once stood.

According to the legend the name Adria derives from Atri or Adriano, King of the Pelasgians, founder of the city, whose gilded coach may still be buried under the ground of Adria. According to the philological theory instead, the name of Adria derives from an Etruscan word “atrium” which means “day, light and includes the concept of Levant or of the East". Based on such an origin the name Adria would mean the Levant city or of the east the closest to the sea named after it.

Its most ancient history is documented by the rich collections and the relics preserved in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale. While we find evidence of its more recent history by visiting Piazza Castello and the impressive Cathedral.

Another characteristic element of Adria are the shores overlooked by buildings with a clear Venetian influence. The masonry banks of the canal, steps and slipways for mooring tell instead of the ancien triver traffic.

The gardens of Villa Mecenati and Scarpari gardens are also charming. A visit to the Church of San Nicola da Tolentino and the Basilica della Tomba are very interesting. The famous Canareggio district, characterized  by arts and crafts of yore, are also to visit.

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