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It is a true "maze of water" and must be discovered slowly

The Po Delta is a complex area, maybe even difficult to discover completely.

It seems to be a labyrinth of water: it is the place where “The Earth does not start and the sea does not end ”The Earth does not start and the sea does not end”, to make people understand that the boundaries of the Delta are tenuous. These are places of great contrasts that impart seduction, magic and wonder. An immense expanse that is the largest European and Mediterranean wetland and that extends for 786 square kilometres in Veneto (including over 120 protected as Regional Park). 

The priority connotation of the Po Delta is naturalistic but undoubtedly the environmental aspects are in close connection with the important and continuous human interventions on the area that over the centuries has left significant evidence on the Po Delta landscape. In the variety of environments and artefacts that together create the landscape, there is one that is a symbol of what the people of the Delta have done to preserve this land: the dewatering pump of Cà Vendramin, location of the Regional Land Reclamation Museum.

There are many places where nature is at its best “naturalness”: the Coastal Botanic Gardens of Porto Caleri and the flood plain of CÃ Pisani, fossil dunes and the area of the mouths of the Po Natural Reserve.

On the other hand, in the hinterland you come across towns like Adria, where there is the National Archaeological Museum that houses Etruscan and Celtic, Greeks and Roman relics; Loreo, a stronghold of the Serenissima; San Basilio, ancient stopover town along the via Popilia, now a Cultural Tourist Centre.


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