Cave thermal baths

Among the treatments available at the spas of the Veneto region, thermal caves are a unique therapy. Made up of natural or artificial geological cavities, a source of thermal mineral water of high temperatures saturates the area with steam. These caves can also be artificial, in order to provide patients with this type of environment.

The difference between the different types of thermal caves may be based on the temperature of the mineral water, its chemical composition, the amount of moisture, or the degree of ionization of the air. With the use of this type of treatment, the patient intensely sweats and this helps eliminate metabolic waste, detoxifies, boosts circulation and tones the entire body.

The patient enters caves equipped with a special microclimate that assists the treatment of certain diseases affecting the respiratory system, metabolism diseases, forms of neuro-arthritis and post-traumatic rehabilitation.

Bibione stands out among the spas in the Veneto region where this treatment is offered. Bibione has a distinctive structure with a waterfall, where the water falling from above naturally generates the steam that saturates the environment. 

The thermal cave therapy is provided together with mud and balneo therapies in the various establishments of the Terme Euganee. The uniqueness of the water that flows in this area is used to generate the steam used in thermal caves. A place to regenerate and find a psycho-physical balance.