Canoeing on the Po Delta

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An ideal itinerary for those who love to immerse themselves in nature, smell its scents, listen to its rhythms and appreciate its colours.

The best way to discover the Polesine, the wetlands between the rivers Adige and Po and the Adriatic Sea, is surely by canoe or a small craft designed for shallow water, like that of the lagoon.

Slipping through reed beds and secluded beaches, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the environment of the Veneto Regional Park of the Po Delta, one of Italy's most beautiful nature reserves, protecting the special environment of the vast wetland created by the seven courses' water in which branches off the "Sweet giant" before it joins the Adriatic.

The itinerary starts from Pila in Porto Tolle, the last village before the mouth, and passes through the most charming places on the Delta. After leaving the Basson lagoon you arrive at the beautiful beach of Scano Boa, an emblem of the Park, where the abundant bird life reigns supreme and undisturbed. Here is one of the latest specimens of "casone" (big house), the typical fishermen's dwelling built entirely of Adriatic palustrine reeds.

After going through a narrow channel of brackish water you will see Punta Maistra with its impressive lighthouse; then you can sail around the island of Batteria of the northeastern part. This nature reserve is home to a rich concentration of limicolines, herons and ducks -- it is a real birdwatchers' paradise. By way of the Busa di Tramontana you finally arrive back at Pila.

Gliding silently among the reeds and solitary beaches, you will have the opportunity to fully appreciate the environment of the Parco Regionale Veneto of the Po Delta, one of Italy’s most suggestive naturalistic oasis, which protects the environmental specificity of the vast wetland created by seven water courses in which the “Gentle giant” branches off before flowing into the Adriatic Sea.