The spa centre can be reached through a path in the woods. In winter it may be that access is not easy due to the condition of the path. There are no facilities with services.

The characteristic of this place is to be composed of numerous sources of mineral waters flowing across the surface, creating a highly suggestive landscape.

The spring water, so rich in sulphates, bicarbonates, calcium and magnesium, is clinically rich in therapeutic properties.

It can be used as a beverage for improving the activity of the stomach, to treat mild disorders of the liver, for diuresis and as a simple laxative.

Through inhalation it is useful in the treatment of sinusitis, rhinitis and inflammation of the upper airways.

Through the baths, it is possible to cure skin diseases.

A place of singular beauty and the most important archaeological site in Cadore, it already hosted a Paleoveneto sanctuary some centuries before the birth of Christ, dedicated to the deity Trumusiate, who had healing powers.

Not to be missed in Calalzo is a visit to the village of Rizzios, that thanks to the isolated position preserves intact the Cadore construction typology, and to the church of Sant Anna where the seventeenth century planet that  belonged to the Blessed Father Marco d’Aviano is preserved.

Located in the Northern Dolomites declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2009, Val D’Oten, with its refuges (Chiggiato, Galassi and Capanna degli Alpini) is the entry gate to the beautiful Marmarole group and the massif of Monte Antelao.

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