Grotte del Caglieron - Foto Antonino Firriolo
The Caglieron caves

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Use appropriate footwear

The complex of the Caglieron caves is located in the resort of Breda di Fregona, near Vittorio Veneto; it consists of a very deep gorge cut into the calcareous rock of the Caglieron torrent, and of a series of man-made caves in the canyon walls.

The caves date back to 1500s, and testify to the activity of mining the so-called "piera dolza" (sandstone), used in that era for door jambs and cornices. Today an outfitted trail allows visitors to follow the torrent. The trail has wooden walkways that allow you to admire the depth of the gorge, its numerous waterfalls several meters high, and the potholes created by water erosion. The pathway then leads down to the level of the man-made caves with the distinctive slanted column left after the mining work to hold up the vaults. Both inside and outside these caves you can see small springs and trickles of water flowing out of rock fissures; they create stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes and colours, as well as curtains and concretions. Over time deep natural tunnels formed inside these chambers. The low temperature and dim light in the caves favoured the development of several microenvironments of significant botanical and zoological interest.

At the end of the walk, you will arrive out into the open air near an ancient mill that has been renovated and is currently used as a tavern.

These quarries date back to the 16th century, testifying to the mining activity of the so-called "piera dolza" (sandstone), used in the construction of the time for jambs and frames. Today, a secure trail allows you to follow the course of the stream, immersing yourself in this unique and fascinating environment.