Cadore, the snowshoeing kingdom

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A good psychophysical training and suitable equipment are needed to cope with any atmospheric condition that may change suddenly at high altitudes

Nature excursion enthusiasts will greatly enjoy the Cadore Dolomites, especially in winter, which offer beautiful landscapes and countless possibilities to explore them, including with snowshoes. Snowshoeing is a sport which can be enjoyed by all, even children; it allows you to admire extraordinary landscapes and discover untouched nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the ski slopes, in a magical and almost surreal silence.

The guide ‘Cadore Dolomites: snowshoeing Kingdom’' is especially dedicated to those who love snowshoeing. The guide contains as many as 32 marked routes along with lots of information including the level of difficulty and the type of trails, opening hours of the mountain huts, possibility of dining and staying overnight, and everything needed to face the ‘adventure’ safely.

Exciting sights await you such as the three peaks of Lavaredo, the Cadini di Misurina, the Popéra, the Col Quaterna and the Gridola, the Spalti di Toro and the Marmarole, the Antelao and Monte Rite, the Pelmo and the Croda Marcora. These are the Dolomites of the three Cadore valleys of Boite, Comelico and Central Cadore: the snowshoeing kingdom!

The longest snowshoe race in Italy is run every year in Pieve di Cadore. A real marathon of 42 kilometres 195 meters: the Ciaspalonga delle Marmarole. A tough race due to the snow, to the temperatures, for its length and for the difference in height of 2000 metres that allow the Marmarole, the Dolomitic chain that divides the Valle dell’Ansiei from that of Centro Cadore, to be passed.