Foto Davide Bortu
The Cadini of Brentòn

Route details Recommended period Spring, Summer, Autumn Phone+39 0439 3328
Use appropriate footwear
The road slips mysteriously into the valley and runs alongside the lake, which feels eerie because you imagine it deep and cold. The wild mountains close the horizon with steep slopes and, were it not for the intriguing "national park" signs, you would almost feel like going back. Resist the temptation: the valley of the Mis shows its best farther on. When it seems that you can not go any farther, the door to a nature trail appears: it is the Campanula Morettiana botanical garden, where all of the nature of the area, from forest to pasture, rocks and scree, has been concentrated for educational purposes along a path accessible to all. All around are the Mountains of the Sun and the Agnelezze massif, peaks that appear inviolate and inviolable, and that are only popular with die-hard fans.

A few meters more and the Cadini of Brentòn appear. It is a sequence of fifteen stone basins dug by the waters of the Brentòn stream, which flows downstream through a series of waterfalls, the best known of which is called “della Soffia” (of the blow). The waterfalls together follow a path and for some time you will experience the sensation of being lost, because these mountains are the wildest in the entire province of Belluno, a natural paradise out of this world.

Giovanni Stefani 

You can follow the waterfalls along a path of glittering light and, for a while, you can enjoy the feeling of being a little lost in these mountains that are the wildest in the whole of Belluno, an extraordinary natural paradise.