Foto di Martina Trevisanato
The Botanical Garden of Rosolina

Route details Recommended period Spring, Summer, Autumn Phone+39 0426 68408

To be travelled on foot. Paid admission

Natural wonders capture the many tourists and scholars who visit the Coastal Botanical Gardens located in Porto Caleri, at the extreme edge of the coast of the Rosolina Sea, in the province of Rovigo.The Garden safeguards a unique environment of considerable scientific interest. Visitors can wander across the characteristic wooden pier and observe local coastal-marine vegetation. 
Its 44 hectares hold around ten eco-systems: from the pinewood to the cordon dune coastline and the brackish wetland, with a total of about 220 plant species.There is an interesting mix of both stable inland dunes, which are unaffected by the wind, and developing mobile embryonic dunes. The Garden, whose existing habitat has not undergone any structural modification, flaunts local wildlife, such as wild orchids which are extinct almost everywhere else.

There are three circular adjoining visit routespath A, 600 meters long, dedicated to the woodland area; path B, 1650 meters long, for observing the evolution of the vegetation from the coast to the inland dunes and discovering rare flowers; and finally path C, 2850 meters long, provides the opportunity to see all the existing eco-systems: from the pinewood to the sands, the Mediterranean scrub and the wetlands. In addition to the beautiful plants, you will have the chance to observe birds such as egrets, herons, terns, gulls, ducks and marsh harriers.

A great pleasure for visitors big and small to get to know species hard to see elsewhere. Do not forget your camera for getting some shots of the rare late spring blooms or the wild landscape of the scrub and natural beach.