Battaglia Terme

Here everything is connected and in relation with the water

Located on the eastern slopes of the Euganean Hills, the urban development of Battaglia Terme was entirely due to the navigable canal of Battaglia.

Waster is the most characteristic element of the area because of its renowned curative properties of its spa waters and for the tradition of river navigation that dates back to the times of the Serenissima (The Republic of Venice). Evidence of this ancient activity can be seen in The Museum of River Navigation that exhibits more than seven centuries of history of the bàcari (those who lived on the river) through remains of river boats, tools of various merchant trades, scale models, photographs from the era. The Arco di Mezzo that still regulates the flow of the water of Padua, and the Basin of Navigation, an extraordinary hydraulic engineering monument are proudly preserved.
Two beautiful stately homes welcome those who pass through Battaglia Terme. The Castel of the Catajo, a castle from the 1500s, currently used for events and congresses and in which the frescos of the salons, halls, and stairways can still be seen. From the terrace you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of the surrounding hills. Villa Selvatico Sartori, a prestigious venue for cultural events and that holds some of the most exquisite frescoes depicting mythological stories of Padua. One of the most renowned trails of the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills starts in Battaglia, the Sentiero Ferro di Cavallo (the Horseshoe Path), from which beautiful panoramas can be seen and where you can learn about the rich variety of the flora of these hills.
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