Monte Baldo

A landscape naturally rich in wonders

Whoever passes through Verona sees it in the distance, and it is for this reason that the inhabitants of the Scaligero town consider it "their" mountain. It is Monte Baldo, a landscape naturally rich in splendour, and perhaps also of many secrets.


Known since 1500 with the nickname of “Botanical Garden of Europe”, Monte Baldo is the ideal destination for long walks in an environment of great geological and naturalistic interest.
It is very much frequented by athletes for practising activities in close contact with nature: going from mountain bike to long horse rides, while the fanatics of paragliding and hang-gliding launch themselves from the highest peaks.
Those who do not want to struggle, and prefer to reach the summit of Mount Baldo in comfort, can count on the futuristic cableway Malcesine-Monte Baldo with rotating cabins which allow a 360 degree view over Lake Garda and the surrounding landscape.


Do you love uncrowded slopes, are you looking for a relaxing atmosphere, do you wish to walk in the small and quiet mountain villages? Come and spend a few days on the snow of this small ski area: here the slogan is “lake view skiing” because from the top of Monte Baldo you can enjoy a spectacular panorama over the waters of Lake Garda.

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