The charm of the “city with a hundred horizons”

Carducci defined it as "the city of a hundred horizons" because of the beauty of its surrounding landscape, the same that Giorgione reproduced several times in his canvases.

A charming medieval village nestled in the hills of Treviso, Asolo was a magnificent Renaissance court at the time of Caterina Cornaro. The town was deeply loved by two other great women: the actress Eleonora Duse, also known as the "Divine" and the English writer and explorer, Freya Stark. Both lived in Asolo and are buried in the cemetery of Sant'Anna.

Strolling through the winding and quiet alleys, tourists will find subtle traces of the distinguished guests who appreciated its inspiration, such as the English poet Robert Browning, Pietro Bembo, one of the most famous scholars of the sixteenth century and the musician Gian Francesco Malipiero, who found inspiration for some of his compositions.

The Fortress is the symbol of Asolo. The Fortress dominates the landscape from the summit of Monte Ricco, offering a spectacular view over the Old Town. From here you can see the historic center of town, Piazza Garibaldi with its sixteenth century fountain, the Castle that currently houses Teatro Duse, and the ancient Cathedral, that houses the beautiful "Assumption" by Lorenzo Lotto. The Civic Museum, the fifteenth century Palazzo della Region, the sixteenth century Villa of the Armeni and the prestigious City Hall, Palazzo Beltramini are also worth visiting.

Just outside the town center, golf enthusiasts can practice on a challenging and fascinating 18-hole course.

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