Craftsmanship is an economic and social phenomenon of great relevance in Veneto, producing wealth and employment by means of numerous activities spread throughout all parts of the region.

This activity is based on the artisan, an entrepreneur and worker with complete responsibility over his own company, who provides his resourcefulness, skills, manual ability, practical sense, and continuous innovation as well as his interpersonal and organizational skills.

Over three hundred types of crafts have developed over time, passing on tradition and culture, becoming enriched by new techniques and trends which are enhanced by the practical sense of the artisan and incorporated into the products.

Veneto is nowadays recognized for its traditional and artistic craftwork, with high quality products such as the art of Murano glassmaking, ceramics, goldsmithing and silversmithing, artistic furniture, textiles and fabrics, lace, marble and stonework, metal work (wrought iron, copper, bronze, brass), shoes and leather, musical instruments, typographic graphic arts and artistic bookbinding, hat-making and tailor-making and so on.