Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites

Untouched nature, spectacular spires, forests and silence

At the heart of the eastern Dolomites, in the northernmost part of Veneto, there is a place where the wild side of the mountains can be discovered. The protected area stretches across 11,000 hectares and includes the Dolomitic ranges of Tofane, Fanes, Col Bechei, Croda Rossa d'Ampezzo and Cristallo. An immense and untouched area constituted by imposing summits and spectacular peaks, mountain pine and Arolla pine woods, larches and high altitude meadows. Roe deers, deers, woodpeckers, owls, marmots, and in recent years also bears and lynxes are the inhabitants and guardians of these mountains.

In these areas water has created natural monuments, the most outstanding being the Fanes brook waterfalls which fall over three subsequent ledges, each over 50 meters in height, descending to the Travenanzes gorge. The Ra Vales brook and the Felizon and Travenanzes streams have carved deep gorges in the dolomite, canyons overlooked by striking bridges suspended on the precipice: the Felizon bridge on the Alemagna road, the Outo bridge and the Cadoris bridge over the Travenanzes brook.

There are numerous and varied access and crossing routes. Dozens of forest routes and paths depart from the through roads leading to the Falzarego, Cimabanche and Tre Croci passes. The touristic routes and the "vie ferrate" (paths with hiking aids) are of particular interest for those wishing to enjoy the Park to the full, often retracing the main routes of the Great War. There are also several refuges with climbing facilities, allowing hikers to reach high altitudes with greater ease.

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