Amarone risotto

Amarone risotto

Preparation time approx. 1 hour - Medium-level difficulty


350 grams of Nano Vialone IGP rice from Verona
50 grams of leeks
5 glasses of Amarone della Valpolicella Docg wine
Vegetable stock
Extra-virgin olive oil
Grana Padano or Monte Veronese Stravecchio cheese

Preparation: clean the leek and finely chop it. Add the chopped leek to the oil in a risotto pan, and lightly fry over low heat. Add the 4 glasses of Amarone and cook very slowly until the wine has evaporated by two-thirds.

Add the rice and gradually add the vegetable stock until the rice is cooked. Mix in grated grana padano or Monte Veronese Stravecchio cheese to create a creamy consistency. Alternatively, Amarone risotto can also be mixed with other quality cheeses such as Asiago, a good Taleggio or Cimbro di Fossa. Amarone risotto is also excellent in recipes with ingredients such as sausage or radicchio.


Wines to pair with the risotto: Amarone, of course, and, if desired, Valpolicella Ripasso, so-called because it is kept for a period in the Marc of Amarone vats.


Recipe from the Fiera del Riso website.