Alpago Cansiglio Nevegal

Destinations for anyone who loves nature and relaxation but also extreme sports

Lake Santa Croce, with its blue-green waters, is the heart of this area. Around the Alps with its coniferous forests and wide pastures; the Cansiglio with its incredible forest of beeches and fir trees that extends for about 7,000 hectares (the second Italian forest); the peaks of the Col Nudo-Cavallo group, of the Dolada, Teverone, Col Nudo, Venàl, Messèr, Laste and Cavallo mountains.


In the summer months, the Alps become the home of lovers of free flight: some do paragliding and others hang gliding jumping from Mount Dolada and some others, instead, with their sail, make a thousand evolutions on the waters transported by the afternoon heat. Lake Santa Croce, the second largest basin in Veneto, is in fact the destination for lovers of windsurfing and kitesurfing, fishing and high-altitude sunbathing. Cansiglio delights hikers as well as lovers of the green (the 18-hole golf course is modelled on the karst roughness of the territory) and mountain biking.


An area that knows how to give emotions even in winter! The Alpago mountains are the favourite destination for those who ski mountaineering (the Transcavallo race in pairs, one of the most important and established in the international ski mountaineering circuit, takes place in these mountains) while Cansiglio is the destination for relaxing excursions with snowshoes with itineraries also suitable for families with children.

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