Alba dalla Regina
Event details Guided tours and excursions On 30 December 2022 - On 7 January 2023 - On 14 January 2023 - On 20 January 2023 - On 27 January 2023 Rocca Pietore Website Ask for info (0039) 0437-522984
An exclusive opportunity to ascend the Queen of the Dolomites when everything in the valley is still immersed in darkness, and then enjoy the magical spectacle offered by the sunrise, admired from a privileged vantage point at a height of 3265 metres on the panoramic terrace of Punta Rocca.

The programme includes a cable car ride up to Serauta, a short coffee break to wait for the sunrise. We then take the last cable car to Punta Rocca and its terrace from which to enjoy a unique spectacle, each moment different. Darkness slowly gives way to light and colours in the frame of the marvellous World Heritage Dolomites.

You can recognise the most fascinating peaks and the steepest walls, until, on the clearest days, you catch a glimpse of St Mark's bell tower in Venice.

A traditional winter event with the possibility of skiing down to the valley on an untouched slope.

At the end of the show, a tasty breakfast awaits guests before returning to the valley.

Source: IAT Rocca Pietore