Meetings and Events in the Veneto Region

The Veneto regional authorities strongly supported the creation of the Venice Region Convention Bureau Network, part of the regional conference system, offering an integrated and well-organised range of destinations. This network allows for the promotion and efficient management of activities such as conventions, meetings, incentives, events, corporate meetings, tours and post-conference initiatives, thanks to its on-site support, expert assistance and effective coordination.
The network builds on the strengths that each local area has to offer, representing a comprehensive and modern supply chain for conferences; it therefore plays a very important role in terms of accommodation capacity, surrounded by the stunning landscapes and historical and artistic heritage of Italy's Veneto region.
This region's meeting industry is able to host both international and bespoke events, satisfying all aspects of tourism-convention requirements.
The Veneto Region is famous for its extraordinary variety of landscapes, situated between important artistic and cultural cities such as Venice, Verona, Vicenza, Padua, Treviso, Rovigo and Belluno. It is also home to the Dolomites, foothills and hills, the shores of Lake Garda, the Euganean Hills, natural spa waters, the stunning lagoon and its beaches and the Po Delta Regional Park.
Tourists can also enjoy the many international cultural, folkloric, food and wine and sporting events held here. The Veneto Region provides incentives for public and private entities to offer tourist services, promotes tourism in this area both in Italy and abroad and plans and coordinates tourist initiatives, ensuring that high standards are maintained at all times.

Convention bureau network

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