Arabba Marmolada

You can reach the Val Pettorina and the majestic Marmolada glacier, a must for mountaineers,  with a fast cable car service from Malga Ciapela.  Do not miss the chance to stop in the Arabba area and follow the Route of cheeses and tastes of the Belluno Dolomites Route through lanes, sports routes and "via ferrate" (fixed aid climbing routes). Here milk is a symbol of the land together with the pastures and mountain refuge huts.  Not far from Arabba, in Renaz you will find the Livinallongo dairy, an efficient farmers' cooperative  that has been there since 1932.  The cheeses are named after the areas in the Ladino area where they are made.  These include Cherz, round and mellow in taste, Fodom of medium ageing, but also Renaz, produced here since a forgotten era, and the Contrin.  You can also find fresh and smoked ricotta, butter, schiz and fresh caciotta cheese or with chives. The Route of cheeses and tastes of the Belluno Dolomites site suggests routes you can follow and gives tips on the agritourism farms and mountain refuges that offer you the chance to sample local cuisine with simple but authentic recipes. From the pumpkin “casunciei” with butter and ricotta, to the “tircle”, pasta rounds with a sauerkraut and ricotta filling, to the “balòte”, the barley canederli, one of the delicacies of the ladina area, to be tasted with smoked pork shank in the “menéstra da orz” broth.

When you are in the Arabba area, in the middle of the Valle di Livinallogno, do not forget to visit the Andraz Castle, built in 1027, the Museum of history and customs of the Ladina People in Pieve di Livinallongo and the San Giacomo Maggiore Parish of the XV century.  There is also the old Arabba mill, where for many centuries the people milled rye and barley and the church Chiesa di SS. Pietro e Paolo.

At the foot of the Marmalada prepare to be impressed by the Rocca Pietore  that is dominated by the bell tower of the S. Maria Maddalena Church built in 1442, now a national monument.  Worth visiting are also the S. Maria delle Grazie Sanctuary and the Great War museum in Serauta.  A natural wonder you should not miss is the Serrai di Sottoguda, a narrow canyon 2 kilometres long, which in the winter with frozen waterfalls offers ice climbing enthusiasts “vertical” thrills.   

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