Trekking in Giazza on the Lessini Mountains

Lessinia, a green plateau of the Verona Province, it is a world of nature and history: an open-air museum of great natural, archaeological and ethnographic interest. The area offers several hiking routes: from quiet walks to more difficult treks.

Amongst the more interesting itineraries are those that start at Giazza, the hamlet of Selva di Progno (Vr) and the principal town of "Cimbro" of Lessinia featuring evidence of language, traditions and art unaltered over throughout the centuries. Giazza is the ideal 'base camp' for excursions into the Natural Regional Park of Lessinia.

The mountains that surround the ancient Giazza and the ancient State-owned forest of Giazzaare characterized by thick woods, trails and natural areas of great interest, offering many opportunities for hiking enthusiasts. The forest has important traces of the Cimbri, a population of Germanic origin who settled in these territories as early as the Roman times. You can also walk along the paths of soldiers who fought in the First World War.

Parco Naturale della Lessinia - Valle delle Sfingi

How to travel: The State Forest of Giazza can be reached from State Highway 11 - Upper Po Valley, between Vicenza and Verona. Near Soave you turn and travel in the direction of Colognola ai Colli and then travel though the Illasi Valley for about 30 km. After the center of Giazza continue along the road to the Revolto refuge (1300 m), in the southern part of the Piccole Dolomiti [Small Dolomites].
Do not miss a visit to the Museum of Ethnography of the Cimbri.

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